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Jeanette Morales

Jeanette Morales

Jeanette Morales of Swell Marketing as the Administrator Director

Jeanette Morales of Swell Marketing at How to be a Good Manager


In any large organization, for its operation to run smoothly, a management’s hierarchy is there to handle it. Blending into the background and changing some small things every now and then to great effects is important to be a good manager. In the business world, this job is one of the toughest ones.

Jeanette Morales

 Partly it is because they are the one in charge in managing the expectation people have. Jeanette Morales of Swell Marketing as an Administrative Director have a lot of responsibilities to manage but she does it well with verve and in style. 
Motivating the Employees

In every success for a company – the employees have contributions to it. As an administrative director, it is her duty to motivate her people. She gives big consideration to them at every angle. She is well aware that values is what a person tick.  By respecting her team and their value, they give her their best efforts in retrospect. 

Jeanette Morales of Swell Marketing always put her best effort in making her people feel good. She is good at identifying the strength of her people and she knows when she should be giving applause to their job well done. 

From time to time, telling your employees how much you appreciate them will also be great. For Jeanette, an employee who knows that their work and effort is appreciated will work harder and they will enjoy doing more.  

Setting Goals

The idea of under-promise and over-deliver is applicable to different areas of one’s life.  For Jeanette Morales, this is a good mantra for her job in Swell Marketing.  Setting goals that are wildly optimistic can lead to not meeting it in the end. For her it would be better to set goals that are measured. This way, exceeding it in the end is highly possible. This idea does not mean that setting high goals is no longer possible.  It is just that, there is a measurement you follow. 

Jeanette became an efficient administrator because she informs her employees what is expected from them. She ensures to give them their concrete goal. She outlines what she expects, the deadline and what those result be used for. 

Jeanette Morales as she works in Swell Marketing, focuses on fostering their improvement. She tries to offer feedbacks that would be goal-oriented for her team.

In everything that she does, Jeanette is always holding herself to the highest standard. Failures are never just blamed on her team.  She is harder to herself than with her team. By doing this, she managed to set a good example to her staff. 

Delegation of Responsibilities

Being an Administrative director does not mean that you are to shoulder all the task. Being given this high position means that you are good at what you do but there is no need for you to do it all by yourself. For Jeanette Morales, her main role at Swell Marketing is to teach her team how to do their job accordingly.  

She also know that it is her responsibility to stretch her team members. As they accomplish task give to them and showed their capabilities, giving them tasks that would help in expanding their set of skills is in order.

Jeanette Morales

Technically, an employee’s mistake is not a fault of the manager. But for Jeanette, taking responsibilities for her team members’ mistake should be done. By assuming this mistake as partly her own, she makes her employees comfortable. This concept is very important as it allow the staff to innovate and grow themselves. 

For Jeanette Morales, her role as an Administrative Director in Swell Marketing proves to be challenging. But she also knew the right way to be good to it. 

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